About Our Grass-Fed Beef

Linga Longa Farm has won a Bronze medal at the 2016 Australian Food AwardsAFA_008_2016_FACEBOOK_1000x1000px_BRONZE_FA-21_BRANDED_BEEF

Linga Longa Farm is proud to be one of the first farms in NSW to be audited and awarded PCAS certification.

Increasingly, consumers are demanding proof that products have been produced as claimed and are becoming more sensitive to treatments applied to meat animals.

The Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System, or PCAS for short, is an assurance program that enables the industry to prove claims relating to pasturefed or grassfed production methods.

Underpinning PCAS are the PCAS Standards which govern the on-farm feed requirements and traceability of the cattle as well as pre-slaughter handling practices which influence eating quality.

For more information http://www.certifiedpasturefed.com.au/home


To ensure freshness and quality, we currently offer a variety of packs to suit different household sizes. Buying bulk means that you can make great savings, while having a plentiful and diverse range of meat on hand for any occasion. We are also flexible, so if you like a pack but would like to change it slightly let us know.

We now also offer a Special pack designed especially for our local and farmers market customers. The Farmgate Pack contains all the premium cuts and much more. $120 delivered in the Wingham / Taree area  giving our local residents the opportunity to taste the fantastic beef produced right on their doorstep!  or available for pick up at the markets or from the farm by prior arrangement, just give Lauren a call 0418 414 405 to arrange a time.

Give Linga Longa a try and give your family the quality beef that the brain needs – packed with a potent bundle of nutrients to help you concentrate, keep alert, think clearly and stay happy. Five of these critical nutrients (iron, zinc, omega-3, vitamin B12, and amino acids) can all be found in this amazing food: beef.

2015 certificate PCAS



On behalf of AUS-MEAT Limited I would like to congratulate you on attaining certification in the Cattle Council of Australia’s (CCA) Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System (PCAS)

Malcolm King
Program Manager
Aus-Meat Limited


What’s so good about Grass Fed Beef?

We often get asked about our grass fed beef and the differences, here is some information which may clarify why our beef tastes so much better and is better for you and the environment.

In the months after birth, a calf drinks the rich milk of its mother. Once weaned, it might be lucky enough to follow mom around the pasture for a little while, munching grass — but sooner or later, it is customarily sent to a feedlot to be fattened on grain, a process somewhat like tossing an animal on a full-tilt assembly line. Cows left to fatten in the field are the ones that become “grass-fed beef.” They gain the same weight, but more slowly, and yield a leaner beef. Some farmers of grass-fed beef are purists and leave the cow in the pasture till the day it dies. Others “cheat” by giving the cow a month or two of grain at the end, but in the comfort of the barnyard, not a 10,000-head feedlot, Linga Longa does not do this the only grain on the place is for the chickens!

We believe that grass-fed beef — which cuts out both feedlots and the resource-intensive practice of raising grain just to feed cows — can catalyse a great change in Australian agriculture. Putting cattle back on pasture will be the beginning of more resilient, less energy-intensive farming systems that are more likely to survive in our future of higher energy costs, unstable climates, and depleted fresh water and mineral resources.”